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Marathon Capital Celebrates 25 Years!

March 05, 2024

  • Ted Brandt

    Chief Executive Officer

Marathon Capital was founded in 1999 when the clean energy industry was in its infancy and the prospect of a world operating without carbon-based energy seemed unfathomable.

Over the last twenty-five years, Marathon Capital has seen it all – from changing market cycles, interest rate swings, economic recessions to changing political administrations, and evolving policy frameworks. Throughout it all, we have worked diligently to help our clients navigate and continue to succeed.

The transition away from carbon-based fossil fuels towards low/zero carbon energy sources continues to be one of society’s most fundamental challenges, requiring complex coordination, capital investment, complex financing, and public policies that promote clean energy.

We built our firm around a belief in a sustainable energy future and our corporate growth has largely been driven by the expansion of the broader industries we serve – as well as our continued focus on the success of our clients. In our twenty-fifth year, we operate across multiple products and services, work on both clean electrons and clean molecules, and operate across several geographies.

We invite you to view Marathon Capital's new website and connect with our team to discuss how we can advance the decarbonization of the global energy complex together!

Ted Brandt
Founder & CEO

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A global financial and strategic advisor focused solely on the clean economy and the energy transition.

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